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​My Moving Genie Reliable Manhattan Moving Company

Manhattan is full of exotic people. Even this part of NYC is a habitat of diaspora from different States. Moving remains always on the go here, almost daily dozens of moving operations take place in Manhattan. This increases a hectic demand for apartment moving services in Manhattan. Because most of the residents get to relocate suddenly in wake of their domestic or commercial concerns. Under such pressure of moving quickly, the significance of the best commercial moving companies in Manhattan is undeniable. That is the focal reason, My Moving Genie is here to help you with all of your moving requirements.


We are here to deal with the moving operations round the clock. No matter how urgent or planned your apartment moving is; we offer all-time-in-one-call moving services. Because of the rising issues of inept commercial moving and residential moving companies in Manhattan, it is quite a challenging job to reach the best commercial moving companies in Manhattan.

My Moving Genie Equally Perfect For Both Commercial & Residential Moving Services

We know moving can be of any sort. For this purpose, we have established ourselves to be a long distance moving services provider in Manhattan. Regardless of your moving needs, you would not likely have to hear "Sorry" from our end. We have a long list of both of our satisfied commercial and residential moving clients.


My Moving Genie is fully capable of handling all of your moving concerns. We serve a broad spectrum of moving realms with the help of our qualified teams of moving professionals.

My Moving Genie Enlisted among the Best Furniture Moving Companies in Manhattan

We know furniture is one of the most expensive things for both the office and home. As more expensive it is, as delicater it is. So you should take into account consideration to reach one of the best furniture moving companies in Manhattan.  No doubt, furniture moving is one of the stressful tasks in fact. This demands it be handled by reliable moving experts. Aside from the moving staff, furniture needs a special duty of disassembly and assembly of the furniture.

Be Assisted By the Professional Packing Services in Manhattan

Don't get your hand smashed down with packing hassle. Ordinary cartons and boxes are not often safe for carrying your household effects.  My Moving Genie is wholly capable of packing everything with utmost care and sound safety. Our packing professionals know the cleverish ways of packing. Not only saving time is the relief but space-saving is also an awesome case with us. We do it as an affordable wrapping service in Manhattan. For My Moving Genie, it is not a mission to become a millionaire overnight but to exist for decades yet to come with a good reputation.

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My Moving Genie Gets To Be the Best Piano Moving Company in Manhattan

Our aim is not until conventional moving services. Because we can empathize that there are some things with people that belong to their sentiments. So My Moving Genie has a special moving branch for moving instruments such as piano, music studio, or any other orchestral instrument.

To deal with such a moving need, we give an extraordinary moving service to our clients.  That is so which is why My Moving Genie knocks your search as movers near me in Manhattan.  We have done several successful piano moving services in Manhattan and beyond.

Practiced Packing and Unpacking Services in Manhattan

Unlike one of the cheap local moving services in Manhattan, we have a practical experience to offer cheap local moving services in Manhattan. It is the quality of our good aspects to complete what we start. So we handle both packing and unpacking services. Whether it be being the antique moving company in Manhattan or general packing services

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Cheap Moving Companies in Manhattan

Although we provide the best of our moving packages for cheap charges, yet our moving services are not cheap in standards. That is the reason My Moving Genie is one that is known amongst the cheap moving companies in Manhattan with quality moving services.

Junk Moving Services in Manhattan

Are you disturbed by the heaps of junk in or outside of your home? Don't worry, we are here to also provide you with the junk moving services in Manhattan. No matter how big and bulky the junk is, it is none of your concern. My Moving Genie knows how to vanish with maximum speedy sweeps.

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Cheap Truck Loading Services in Manhattan

Are you moving out of the State along with your truck? Do you want the cheap truck loading services in Manhattan? My Moving Genie is here to offer you professional truck unloading services in Manhattan. No worries, whether your truck is a breakdown or in working condition. We have special lifters and scotches, logs, turplines and containers for truck packing services in Manhattan.


My Moving Genie has also served a good number of a truck moving cases in Manhattan. You can hire us like a truck unpacking company in Manhattan and around NYC. No matter if you want the long-distance moving services in Manhattan or the local ones, you will find us in the top ever-ready affordable moving companies in Manhattan. Because our satisfaction meets when we see you smiling with gratitude towards us in your new settlement.

We're Committed To Provide Moving Services with Honesty

My Moving Genie has a firm belief that moving service with honesty is a blessing for us. Because some of the cheat professional packing services steal items and parts of electric appliances. According to a report of AMSA, some of the apparently affordable local movers in Manhattan are found crooked in terms of moving services. Some movers even steal household stuff and manipulate the homeowners while offering the so-called packing and unpacking services.


It has also come into the observation that some online moving quotation services even got reported as fraud. As homeowners even could not locate the existence of the self-proclaimed best interstate moving companies in Manhattan. They vanish along with the luggage of the homeowners. You find nothing real about such movers but a presence of a few web pages.


Keeping such circumstances in view, you should trust only those movers that physically exist in Manhattan. Don't forget to check with their registration and licensure. My Moving Genie is one of the trusted and best interstate moving companies. We have lit our name of trust not only in Manhattan but also around the States.

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How My Moving Genie is the Best at

Moving Services in Manhattan

No wonder Manhattan hosts millions of professionals and is a hub of commercial activities. It won't be incorrect to say Manhattan as the business Island of NYC. Though it is absolute to say moving services in Manhattan are among the most demanding ones. My Moving Genie in this context is fully enabled to make your moving relieving.


We are a group of moving experts. For the past couple of years, along with tremendous growth in our moving services range, we have earned a true name among the best residential moving companies in Manhattan. We keep a stringent check and balance on each of our moving projects. This not only helps us stand trustworthy but also strengthens the bond with our happy clients.

Our Name Among the Best Residential Moving Companies in Manhattan

We do not believe in devoid claims to call ourselves to be among the best residential moving companies of Manhattan. Rather we make sincerely practical efforts in gaining the trust of our valued clients.

Offering all-in-one moving services does not make that is it for us. Because we provide the best of our moving services and sincerity so that we could save your time in putting the query of "moving companies near me in Manhattan" on Waze or Google Map. This can be viable when we would have served your friends up with the satisfaction level,  so they could refer us to you

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