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New House Cleaning: How to Deep-Clean a New House Before You Move In

Updated: Feb 18

Having a spotless home helps to create a happy environment, regardless of how much stress you are undergoing. Coming home to a sparkling clean house will inevitably lift your mood and make you feel more revitalized. Deep cleaning might help keep your home from becoming a real mess. It also makes a strong impact on your visitors and contributes to your family's overall health. The impression that your visitors will have of your home is huge.

While regular cleaning of your home is critical, doing deep cleaning is recommended just before you move in. After deep cleaning, the effort that you will spend in getting your home clean in subsequent cleaning will be reduced drastically. It can be hard when you have everything on top of dirty surfaces since this will not present a healthy environment that you can live in. Deep cleaning ensures that all corners of your house are fully cleaned.

Remember Your Safety Ranks Supreme!

Before you start deep cleaning a house that you are about to move into, you must move around and ensure that the new property is safe. Get inside the laundry room and vacuum the dryer vent. Make sure that the batteries of your smoke detectors are changed. Moreover, when cleaning the kitchen cabinets, look for a perfect place where you can put the fire extinguisher. Check around and ensure that there is no risk of electrocution from naked electric wires because you will mostly be using water or wet clothes for your deep cleaning.

Also, ensure that you are using eco-friendly detergents. There are equipment and cleaning consumables that you will need to make sure that your new home is thoroughly cleaned before you move in. But you will discover that not all the detergents that are available in the market are safe.

Tools And Products That You Will Need

There are several tools and products that you will need to deep clean your home. Most of the items that you will need are household staples, but a few can be bought from your local store.

  • Natural cleaners include lemon, baking soda, rock salt, and vinegar.

  • A TGA-approved cleaner and disinfectant.

  • Wipes, mop, and microfiber dusters.

  • A step ladder.

  • Broom, different kinds of brushes, water buckets, and spray bottles.

  • Paper towels and disinfecting wipes.

Where Should You Start?

When deep cleaning a new house, you must have a game plan since this will help make the process more efficient. In this article, we have helped to lay a proper plan about the areas that you should clean first, and thereafter, you can adjust your schedule to suit your unique requirements.

1. Start with the kitchen

Start with purging the kitchen, and then sanitize it completely. Wipe all the walls using a wet rug that has been soaked in disinfectants. Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

  • Dust and clean the cabinets, the walls on top, and the windows.

  • Wipe the stove clean, as well as the countertops, moving procedurally to the lower cabinets.

  • Pour some baking soda, followed by white vinegar to the sink. You can then pour hot water into the sink.

  • Wipe, and then disinfect the doorknobs, appliances, handles, and switches. Make sure that you wipe clean all other surfaces that you or your loved ones can come into contact with using a wet cloth and a disinfectant.

  • You can then sweep or vacuum the floor and then mop it clean. Add some disinfectant to the water if there is a need.

2. The bathroom

The bathroom is another very essential room. Here is how you can deep clean it.

  • Start by pouring the sink and toilet cleaner and let it rest for some time. This is important as it will allow it to work as you work in another area of your bathroom.

  • Wipe the glass walls, mirror, and wall faucets. Also, clean the showerheads.

  • Was the bathroom’s sink thoroughly, followed by the toilet seat, the s-bend? Don’t forget to clean at the back of the fixture.

  • Disinfect every point where your loved ones and you will come into contact.

  • If there is excess water from the floor, make sure that you mop it dry.

3. Clean the rooms and hallways

Once you have completed deep cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, you will find it easy to disinfect and clean the house. Here are expert tips that should help you when cleaning some other parts of the house.

  • Clean each of the rooms starting from the top to the lower sections, and also from the left to the right side. Follow a circular pattern, as this will help you in avoiding contaminating the surfaces which you have completed cleaning.

  • Wipe all the available surfaces using a cloth or a microfiber duster.

  • Pour your all-purpose cleaners inside a spray bottle, and mix with water. You can then start to clean wardrobes, countertops, windows, walls, furniture, countertops, and several other parts of the room.

  • Move to disinfect the high touch surfaces which include stair rails, handles, switches, faucets, knobs, and appliances among others.

  • Vacuum your air vents, far away areas, and frames.

  • Vacuum the carpets and the upholstery.

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors and finish with a mop. Make sure that the floors are dry and free of standing water.

A Pro Tip: Start from the inner section of any room while cleaning the floors as you work your way towards the exit doors. This is a rule that professional cleaners follow as it helps you to avoid soiling the section of the floor which you have already cleaned.

4. Mop the floors thoroughly

The floor of a house is where most of the dirt is hidden. Especially if you consider carpets, you will discover lots of dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria being hidden there. This is why it’s of immense importance to ensure that proper deep cleaning is done. However, according to reputable cleaning experts, it’s the norm to clean the floors last because you will be stepping on them when cleaning other areas of your new home. However, remember that your floors can be cleaned better by experienced professionals, as they have the best natural detergents that are chemical-free and have powerful equipment that ensures that your new abode is deeply cleaned.

Best Practices when Deep Cleaning a Home Before you move into

  • Wear a face mask as you clean—it will deter you from stroking your face, something you ought not to be doing when you clean anyway.

  • Gloves will safeguard your hands from strong cleaners, but they won't prevent infection from spreading.

  • Buy cleaning products ahead of time so you don't have to run to the store after you've moved.

  • Remember to keep doors and windows open to allow for more fresh air and to limit the use of doorknobs.

  • If you're scrubbing with bleach, open as many more windows as possible and turn on any exhaust vents you have in the room to ensure sufficient ventilation.

  • As you unpack your items, clean regularly.

  • Wipe down door handles, granite countertops, piping, and other high-touch areas regularly.

  • Read instructions about the use of all cleaning and sanitizing materials to ensure you are using them appropriately.

  • When cleaning materials are used incorrectly, bacteria that cause diseases and illness can spread.

  • Start high and work down after cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas.

  • As a result, any dust or debris stirred up will settle lower and be taken care of as you move ahead with your cleaning.

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