We Stand amongst the Best Furniture Moving Companies

Moving is a life need that often comes to do. We have to relocate for a better future, good security, and sometimes for the sake of our loved ones. Unlike nomads, being civilized; we have to move along with our household effects.  Moving undoubtedly comes under some of the quite tough tasks such as packing, unpacking, and wrapping. Because of those bulky and costly items, you should think twice to buckle up yourself. You may hurt yourself while handling your move or your precious appliances might also break. That is where you will be needing cheap apartment moving services near your locality. The tasks that the moving professionals can do often don't get done by you and your family members.


Therefore, you should, instead of risking your safety, get help from the cheap local moving services. Hiring a moving service not only reduces your stress but also it is a rather safe and swift process for getting your moving done.


When it comes to hiring services from reliable moving services, there are a couple of good aspects. The moving company that offers such moving services should be registered with the State and Interstate authorities. 

Moving House

Residential Moving Services

The Moving GENIE understands that finding a local, reliable moving company can be a difficult thing to do. We understand the ordeal and the stress of coordinating everything on your own. The Moving GENIE prides itself on rendering your services from A to Z with complete accuracy and satisfaction from our customers. We take pride in building our brand until we become known in every household, and that begins and ends with you the customer. Your complete satisfaction and approval is what drives our company.

Commercial Moving Services

Commercial moving can be the most complex move in any scenario and in the hands of the wrong moving company. However, in the hands of The Moving GENIE and with our experience and expertise we can predict and coordinate the various complex aspects of the commercial relocation process. Our efficient corporate relocation services, and years of experience allows us to move you around your own needs, no matter what they might be. This freedom allows you to relocate your office or business just about anywhere and at any time, without having to halt your business’ productivity and losing valuable time and profits.

Moving into a New Home
Moving a Couch

Furniture Moving Services

First and above all home furniture moving is a big headache for the homeowners. It turns out to be a stressful confrontation to carry a sleeper sofa, bed, dining table and other weighty bulky furniture articles.


Hence The Moving GENIE remains on all-out standby to move your furniture. Special corrugated  cardboard, double quilted pads and non staining straps are there in our stock to pack your furniture. We move every part of the furniture keeping in view its delicacy. 

Antique Moving Company

We help you preserve the art and antiquity. For this purpose we also host a dedicated antique moving service. Whether it be a single article or including other households, we meet your search as "movers near me" being preferable out of the moving service companies.

Counting Boxes
Young Piano Teacher

Piano Moving Service

We are always specially equipped to be the best piano moving company. We would love for you to play a symphony in your new settlement. Our symphony is to harmonize our team in and out of the office to again meet your next search for the affordable local movers. We provide the best of our services to always be your first choice.

Cheap Truck Moving Service

Unlike other movers who slightly say sorry for the cheap truck loading services, The Truck Moving Services that we provide at The Moving GENIE is also distinguished from other movers. From truck packing and truck unpacking, we offer the professional truck unloading services. This also renders us to be the best truck unpacking company, along with the best truck packing services.

Moving Truck
Moving House

Junk Moving Services

To support our client's every need as they search for "moving companies near me", we also provide junk moving services.

No matter if its post construction junk or general house produced garbage.


We have separate vehicles and staff to do this duty. So not only are we licensed, affordable, professional movers. We also offer all ranges of junk removal services under one banner of The Moving GENIE Brand.

Miscellaneous Items Moving Services

The Moving GENIE understands every house has some extraordinary items. So we facilitate all your needs for long distance moving services for any of your special items.

Packing Services
Moving House

Cheap Apartment Moving Services

The Moving Genie possesses all hands in one package for the cheap apartment moving services. We have all of the aspects to carry your burden on our apparatus. For most people, it turns into a nightmare to move such bulky furniture assortments. We welcome you to Let all of your frustrations be on us. Because we know how to move your whole household in all conditions.


Though we offer state of the art moving services like those of the best residential moving companies, Yet we charge a nominal fee for resettling you to your new abode. We pay extra attention to moving your special items. That is so why we come as your first choice when it comes to all your residential moving needs.

All of Your Moving Concerns Under One Roof

The Moving GENIE meets all of your moving needs under the same roof. Whether it be Commercial Moving, Office Moving, Residential Moving or Apartment Moving;  We offer almost every moving assistance that the best commercial moving companies can do.

Along with being fully equipped with tools and moving workforce, We are specialized in the following moving categories.


Our Furniture Moving team is fully capable to dismantle furniture parts securely. They know what parts they need to dismember to securely transport on the long distance moving services. This is what makes us fit for both your office and residential furniture moving.



Anyone can dismantle your furniture but assembling is where it gets a little tricky. The Moving GENIE always GUARANTEES a proper fitment. We also help you install furniture at your desired location. Our sincere bond with you sets a feather on our cap as we are always on the best interstate moving companies' list. That is how we earn the trust of hundreds of the clients around the States.


All household items need special care to be handled. Household items need those dedicated hands of knowledgeable packing professionals. Unlike other movers, The Moving GENIE has categorized packing, loading and carrier branches. Such a disciplined mechanism of our moving apparatus, differentiates us from other professional packing services. This is the reason we have a well reputed history of safe moving since our inception.


Our job is not over after packing. We take a wholesome responsibility of safe delivery with sound unpacking. From your teaspoon to an electric appliance, our professional moving teams get unpacking done with less littering around.

No hassle could bother you, we offer packing and unpacking services by the same staff.

Dedicated Furniture Moving Team

We have a selection of moving teams that are entirely dedicated to Furniture moving. What brings us to stand among the best furniture moving companies in the US; let us tell you in the following.

Let Yourself be Helped By Our Professional Packing Services

Packing home ornaments and luggage is not everyone's play. Clients often get a breakage loss of precious ornaments while packing.  Packing is an art that not only saves time but also ensures a safe moving. After moving, it is thanks to good  packing and unpacking services that enable you to have your household stuff as it is.


Most of the time, an improper and loose packing renders you to face a serious materialistic loss. Some things might belong to your sentiments. That's what makes us honored to help you in packing and moving those keepsakes for a secure loading, transport and unloading. Because we consider ourselves to be the bailee and carrier of your households. Which brings us to why our clients always refers us to their friends and family.


Who We Are in terms of Moving Services

My Moving Genie came into existence after decades of moving services experience. We are like a federation of various moving experts. Our professionally trained packing staff possesses an adroitness in their handy skills to pack things up. Our unmatchable moving services are there under one umbrella for your convenience. You wouldn't think otherwise of us for your moving needs.

The Moving GENIE came into existence after decades of moving services experience. We are like a federation of various moving experts. Our professionally trained packing staff possesses an unmatched expertise in their handy skills to pack things up, With our unmatchable moving services, under one umbrella for your convenience. You wouldn't think of anyone else for your moving needs.

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How Our Staff Takes Responsibility

Our laborers let you see and be surprised with their skillful ways of packing and loading. Under the supervision of their foremen / team leader, we keep a prudent watch on the packed boxes and cartons. This has brought us accolades from our  customers. From the truck packing services to a tea set packing; We have skills and skilled personel to take your stuff safe at your new settlement.

Why We Rank Among the Best Furniture Moving Companies

Instead of void claims and slogans, we believe in actual doings. After years of experience, we thought to highlight our name at the top of the best residential moving companies in the US. For this reason, we have been striving our best to meet our valued customers' expectations. We step forward to listen to their instructions. Then we match our pace with our clients' expectations. Their satisfaction is our real success.


Apart from decades long dedicated experience, we meet all of the essential and legal criteria to be the best professional packing services. We are equipped with all necessary tools and machines to deal with any sort of moving challenge. We coach our staff for meeting every moving need. Regardless if it's a commercial moving or residential moving; we are here to transition your worry into our solving hands.


In terms of legality and authorization; we are legally licensed as an interstate moving service company. We are also affiliated with a registered organization of top moving companies. Plus, we are up to date and fully equipped with all of the modern age tools and technology. As we offer an online booking, estimates, tracking and delivery information for every phase and pace of moving.

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